Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

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An “exercise pill” could be in our reach

Exercise is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health, and improving our quality and length of life. But for people who find it difficult to exercise due to age, medical conditions, and time, these benefits ... Read More

AI could identify chickens in distress and improve conditions

We’ve already written before about AI’s potential to improve pigs’ lives by listening to them. Now, scientists have found they can use AI on another barnyard favorite: chickens.  Artificial intelligence can help the happiness and ... Read More

Is putting your kid on time-out a good parenting tactic?

When Amy and Steve Unruh decided to adopt a four-year-old child from the Philippines, they anticipated challenges. They understood it would take time, as well as a great deal of love and care, for their ... Read More

This simple psychological trick may help you chill out in this busy world

There is growing pressure to spend our free time improving ourselves or the world around us, whether it’s training for a triathlon, volunteering, or starting your own podcast. Why is it so hard for us ... Read More

Taking an afternoon nap may make your brain healthier

If you love to indulge in a feel-good siesta, then we have good news for you: those afternoon moments of slumber might be benefiting your brain health. At least, those are the findings of a ... Read More

Here’s why you should wash your clothes with cold water

Washing your clothes with hot water may be an effective way to remove stains, but doing so with every laundry batch takes its toll on the environment. About 90 percent of a laundry machine's energy ... Read More

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3 Habits of the happiest people

Think of the happiest people you know. Do you find yourself often wondering what they are doing to maintain a general level of joy? There has been a lot of discussion in the scientific world ... Read More

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