Today’s Solutions: October 26, 2021
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The lord of rewilding: Irish Baron turns his estate into a nature preserve

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world would need to rewild and restore a territory the size of China over the next decade to meet commitments on nature and tackling climate change. ... Read More

8 Ways to naturally strengthen your fingernails

Nobody likes a broken fingernail, and strengthening your nails can help them become naturally more resistant to breakage. Today we share eight tips for stronger nails. Use cuticle oil  Cuticle oil helps soften cuticles, but ... Read More

New Zealand swears in first Indigenous Māori Governor-general

Last week, Dame Cindy Kiro was formally sworn in as New Zealand’s first Indigenous Māori woman to be named Governor-general. The Māori peoples account for around 17 percent of New Zealand’s population but are still ... Read More

Celebrate Emotional Wellness Month with these 5 healthy habits

Did you know that October is Emotional Wellness Month? Mental health is closely tied to physical health, and just like we exercise and eat well to stay physically healthy, mental health takes some healthy habits ... Read More

So, you’ve popped a pimple. Here’s what to do next, according to ...

We all know that popping pimples is one of the worst things to do for your skin health—but that doesn’t always stop us from doing it. Here’s how to remedy this less-than-ideal situation, according to ... Read More

Study: Start of season metrics provide strong insights into future famine risks

Researchers from UC Santa Barbara’s Climate Hazards Center have released a new study that identifies how the start of season indicators could predict potential famines. Two key metrics are used to determine famine risk: availability ... Read More

Staying Healthy - Body and mind Solutions

6 Foods for eye health that aren’t ca...

These days, many of us spend a lot of time straining our eyes by staring at screens. Unfortunately, cutting back on screen time may be difficult, especially if work demands that we work on our ... Read More

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