Today’s Solutions: September 26, 2022
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These animals socially distance themselves too during times of illness

While it may feel unnatural for us to engage in social distancing, the sacrifices we've made have deep roots in the animal kingdom. From ...

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Gut health for guys—should men take probiotics?

Have you heard of probiotics? Chances are you have a basic understanding that they are good for your gut health—but do they have any ...

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Globally, demonstrators gathered for the biggest scientist-led protest ever

Occasionally, drastic measures are essential to mobilize a population toward necessary progress. Civil disobedience is a proven method of affecting change, and when those ...

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New study shows gardening alleviates depression and anxiety

In a new study from the University of Florida, researchers proved that gardening can improve the mental well-being of even healthy people.  “Past studies ...

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