Today’s Solutions: October 05, 2022

EM in natural forestry management

Marco Visscher | March 2003 issue
A sandy path runs from the Kyusei Nature Farming Center to the forest atop a small mountain. For years this area was plagued by the same problem facing many natural forests in the tropics: the continual threat of forest fires. Kanit Maungnil, the centre’s director remembers when he arrived five years ago. ‘Forest fires broke out regularly, particularly in December and January when it is dry here. Some years the after-effects were more serious than others. The soil appeared to be depleted.’
Three years ago, after reaching agreement with the Thai government, a project was launched that involved using EM to prevent forest fires. Since then, once a year four tonnes of EM Bokashi are spread over the soil in addition to spraying EM. There hasn’t been a forest fire since. ‘This is because EM keeps the soil moist, thus substantially reducing the chance of damage during the dry period.’
But that is not the only advantage. A number of animal and plant species that had disappeared from the forest have been sighted. So EM creates more bio diversity. Thailand’s government has since decided to treat more natural forests using EM.

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