6 feng shui tips to help you rediscover your creativity

Not all of us have jobs or passions that fall into a classically “creative” category, but you don’t need to be a writer, singer, or painter to know when your creativity is humming and when it feels blocked. If you feel sapped of creative energy, here are some quick strategies for dialing up creative energy with the help of feng shui principles.

Clear your space: Energetically clear the space in your home by burning sage or other dried herbs, lighting incense, playing soothing music, or lighting a candle with the intention that it will help to move any stuck energy. Something as fundamental as a big decluttering session can also help inspire a creative awakening.

Surround yourself with inspiration (no pressure attached): If you’re running on empty and need to spark some new ideas, take some time to revel in inspiration. Visit museums or art galleries, see concerts, spend time in nature taking long walks to clear your mind, read books, stay off the phone and computer, cook good food, see your most inspiring loved ones.

Make sure bedroom promotes a good night’s sleep: If you’ve been feeling creatively drained, consider it a sign that it’s time to fluff up your quilt, make your bed with fresh sheets, and get to sleep as early as possible. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, the most basic and effective feng shui tweak for the bedroom is to declutter the area around and under your bed and remove electronics (if possible).

Introduce more water into your routine: Water is thought to bring a lot of momentum in feng shui, as it’s the element that kick-starts the creative cycle of all things. 

Set things in motion: If you’re feeling stuck at your desk, see if you can lift your monitor so you can alternate between sitting and standing at work. You can also get a timer (or use your phone) and set it for 40 minutes as you start working. Stand, stretch and take a break when the buzzer rings.

Keep up with your practice: Keeping up with daily practice—whether it’s sketching, painting, doodling, making pottery, etc.—can help get your creative energy flowing. As your energy starts to flow more freely, you may also find more smart decisions, motivation, fun, and fulfillment waiting on the other side.

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