Fancy butter

Rediscover our old spreadable friend.

Elbrich Fennema | September 2008 issue

Photo: Pieter De Swart

Fat was once considered evil. Then we learned there were good fats and bad fats. Shortly thereafter, we heard the news that cholesterol was a menace. Now we know there’s good and bad cholesterol. Butter contains both fat and cholesterol, so it wound up with a bad reputation. Strange, really, because we’ve been eating it for a long time. Butter has passed evolution’s test. That can’t be said for all the (low-fat) margarines and other spreads engineered by the food industry. After each new study, these products are adjusted to accommodate the latest health insights: lower cholesterol, vitamin enriched, less fat and more omega fatty acids. You have to be an omniscient scientist to make the right choice. But how many consumers fall into that category?
When you look at it this way, it makes sense to embrace our old friend butter—not least because it tastes so good to bite into a nice, hearty slice of toast, spread with real butter. The most cheerful variation: flower butter. From your garden, pick East Indian cherry flowers, marigold petals and cucumber herb along with a few lavender flowers. Dice and mash them through softened butter with salt and finely chopped garlic to taste. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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