Today’s Solutions: May 23, 2022

The ultimate toolkit to get slow. Effective and fast!

Marco Visscher and Jay Walljasper | July 2004 issue
Leave your watch on the bedside table.
Check your e-mail only two or three times a day.
Take the scenic route.
Light candles before you start cooking dinner.
Make up rituals. Say a silent word of thanks and make eye contact with everyone at the table before you start eating.
Let the phone ring once or twice before answering.
Make a handmade present for a friend.
Set aside one night a week all for yourself– and a day once in a while.
While driving, assume that everyone else on the road is answering the call of a friend in real need.
Bake your own bread. Grow your own vegetables. Brew your own beer.
Spend as much time outdoors in natural settings as you possibly can. Pay attention to cycles of the moon and the shifting seasons. Sit down beside a stream or river whenever you can.
Appreciate the pleasures of slow music: tango, waltz, cool jazz, ballads, bossa nova, folk and more.
Buy two hammocks: one for the garden, one for your living room.
Sit for a moment with your eyes closed when you start your computer.
Take a few moments before you climb out of bed in the morning to remember your dreams and think about what you want from the day.
Learn the fine art of arriving late gracefully.
Don’t be afraid to cancel plans.
Factor in an additional 25 percent, every time you estimate how long something will take.
Always jump on the chance to play with a child, and do it on their terms.
Never pack your schedule so tightly that there’s no room for a short walk.
Take a left where you generally take a right.

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