Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

SECORE International, an organization dedicated to preserving coral reefs for future generations, is at the forefront of coral restoration initiatives. SECORE, founded on the premise of “SExual COral REproduction,” pioneered the novel concept of “Coral Seeding.” This ground-breaking strategy capitalizes on corals’ natural reproductive capacities, fostering genetic variety and resilience in reef ecosystems. SECORE creates tools and procedures to support large-scale coral restoration projects based on rigorous scientific research and engineering solutions. SECORE is sowing the seeds of rejuvenation around the world by leveraging nature’s power.

Leaning into partnerships for coral conservation

SECORE’s aim is centered on developing partnerships and collaborations with coral conservation organizations. SECORE empowers local stakeholders to become reef restoration leaders by providing personalized training programs and capacity-building initiatives. The Fundación Dominicana de Estudios Marinos (FUNDEMAR) is a shining example of the transforming power of SECORE’s partnership approach. SECORE helps groups like FUNDEMAR scale up their coral restoration activities, resulting in a substantial impact on marine conservation.

Scaling up: FUNDEMAR’s transformative journey

FUNDEMAR’s journey from trainee to trailblazer demonstrates the transforming power of SECORE’s approach. With SECORE’s assistance, FUNDEMAR has not only mastered the complexities of coral farming but has also greatly increased its production capacity. FUNDEMAR has increased its coral nursery operations by using novel techniques such as Coral Rearing In-Situ Basins (CRIBs), which contribute thousands of coral substrates to replace depleted reefs each year. As a result, FUNDEMAR emerges as a beacon of hope, illustrating the practical value of SECORE’s cooperation network.

Coral resilience in crisis

Coral reefs are facing an existential crisis as threats escalate. Reefs are under greater threat than ever before, thanks to rising water temperatures and disease outbreaks. Despite the hurdles, Coral Seeding provides a glimpse of hope. Recent monitoring data show that bred corals are exceptionally resilient to bleaching and disease, emphasizing the promise of SECORE’s strategy to improve reef resilience. FUNDEMAR’s Executive Director, Rita Sellares, states, “Our collaboration with SECORE has enabled us to amplify our impact and drive meaningful change in marine conservation.”

A brighter horizon with coral seeding

As the sun rises on a new era of coral conservation, Coral Seeding serves as a beacon of hope for reefs around the world. SECORE and its partners are charting a better future through collaboration, innovation, and steadfast dedication. With each success story, optimism grows, spurring a global movement to protect the ocean’s most valuable ecosystems. Aric Bickel, SECORE’s Director of Technology and Implementation, captures the sentiment: “Coral Seeding is not just a solution—it’s a catalyst for change, empowering communities to become stewards of their marine environments.”

Towards a flourishing future

In the immense expanse of the ocean, a new chapter begins—one of resilience, rejuvenation, and restoration. We can flip the tide for coral protection by working with groups like SECORE and FUNDEMAR. In his own words: “Seeing our young, bred corals alive and healthy out on the reef, despite all the stressors affecting them in the past years gives us proof that breeding corals for restoration, i.e., applying Coral Seeding, is the hope to save coral reefs.”

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