Healthy eating: Vitamines

Five vitamine suggestions.

Andrew Weil | June 2003 issue
There is a lot of controversy about the amount and types of vitamins and minerals one needs to stay healthy. But there is no longer any question about the fact that we should take some type of supplement. The mismanagement of farmland and more intensive farming methods mean that our food is of such poor quality that we are not getting sufficient essential nutrients. Andrew Weil is cautious about supplements. Five tips:
Vitamin A: always take it with beta-carotene, 25,000 IE a day. Double the dose if you have cancer.
Vitamin B-12: If you eat dairy products, fish or meat, you’re getting enough B-12. Only supplement if you’re a vegetarian (and only eat plant-based foods). Or eat comfrey, sauerkraut and miso.
Vitamin C: This is essential as we cannot produce it ourselves. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, is anti-carcinogenic and boosts the immune system. I recommend you take large doses every day as a general preventative measure.
Vitamin D: If your skin is even marginally exposed to ultraviolet light, your body can manufacture this vitamin itself. Only take extra vitamin D if you’re incurably housebound or live in the far north during the winter.
Vitamin E: For those under age 40 I recommend 400 IE a day; for the over-40s 400 IE twice a day.

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