Today’s Solutions: June 01, 2023

Passive houses are leading the way toward a carbon-neutral future by producing more energy than they use and drastically reducing fuel bills and C02 emmissions. To find out more about passive houses, architect Rolf Disch and how to make your house a passive house take a look at our passive house resources.

Ode Editors | June/July 2009 issue
The Passive House Institute: The Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a consulting and research firm working to further the implementation of passive house standards and techniques nationwide. Click here for the The Passive House Institute of Germany.
Environmental architect Rolf Disch: To save energy, to make use of solar power and thereby improve one´s quality of life – these are the maxims of Rolf Disch. His architecture stands for the combination of functional, ecological and aesthetic aspects.
Among experts, his projects have the reputation of being the thing of the future. The architectural office has been given many prizes and awards for its innovative work.
Promotion of European Passive Houses Consortium: Cost efficient passive houses as European standards. CEPHEUS is a project involving the construction and scientific evaluation of 250 housing units built to passive house standards in five European countries.

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