Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2024

Sometimes, optimism might seem to be an abstract concept. Here at The Intelligent Optimist, we try to show what an optimistic lifestyle can contribute to your life. And with us, there are many others trying to make optimism visible. One of them is David Mezzapelle, who created the book series Contagious Optimism. In these books, hundreds of people share their stories of optimism, of finding hope during hardship, and about what optimism means to them. The Intelligent Optimist is sharing some of these stories. This is Myrtle’s story.
“I became homeless in March 2007.  I had family and friends, but no one wanted me to stay with them indefinitely.  With no other choice I went to a local shelter.  I couldn’t believe this had happened to me.
When I awoke early the next morning, it was raining.  My legs, feet and ankles were swollen and I couldn’t put on my shoes.  The advocate gave me a large pair of socks.  She helped me put them on.  They were too tight.
After breakfast we had to leave and could not return until 3-3:30 PM.  I had no place to go.  Called my friend Theresa and told her my dilemma.  She came by picked me up and took me to her house.  She treated me to a bubble bath and made lunch for us.  We prayed in her chapel.
The next morning an advocate came and took me to a doctor.  I was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes and congestive hear failure.  I was placed on bed rest.
As I improved, I got a job through Vocational Rehab.  I could hardly walk and the pain was excruciating.  It took me about 10 minutes to walk 2 blocks to the bus stop.
I prayed and asked God to help me walk every morning.  Overtime it got better.
On the 2nd Saturday of each month, a local church prepared lunch for us.  I was invited to come to their church.  I went and enjoyed it very much.  Eventually I joined that church.
I became friends with a woman at the shelter that had 2 small children.  She moved into a 3-bedroom apartment and asked me to come and live with them.  I accepted and moved from the shelter April 2008.
It was nice, but I wanted my own place.  I prayed and God answered that prayer in August 2008.
He is awesome and I could not have made it during that time without him.  He is the solid rock in my life.”
Myrtle Newsam is a co-author in the book series, CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM, by Author David Mezzapelle (publisher: Viva Editions). Her story, Saving Strides, can be found in Volume 1 page 323.
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