Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2023

It’s easier to start swinging after a tune-up, and with that in mind, we have popular favorites from auctions past and brand new items and services to help you take care of yourself or your loved ones or contribute to charitable causes, all backed by the intention of making the world a better place through sustainable practices, holistic principles and spirit-nurturing.
Our auction is the only place you’ll find an array of offerings from individuals and organizations like Fritjof Capra, Frances Moore Lappe, John De Graaf, Johan Boswinkel, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Ubiquity University, Gail Larsen, Organic Valley, Weleda, Sounds True and many more, all with starting bids way below value.
Renew your soul with a personal retreat at IONS or a weekend at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. Rejuvenate your skin with Weleda and GOOD Bodycare Products or realize your fitness potential with three months of personalized coaching with Tim Kearin. Rekindle your flame with a Liberating Joy in Relationships workshop or reinvent your career with inspirational books and coaching by author BJ Gallagher. Restore balance with biofeedback sessions or achieve taste bud satori with flower-essence-infused gourmet chocolates.
It’s not just promotional pablum: There really is something in our auction for everyone.
Check out some of these items today:
-A balance bike for kids too young to pedal
– A Coyote Trails wilderness adventures for kids and adults with Coyote Trails
– A Permaculture Design Certification Course at the Yoga Forest in Guatemala
– Dance workshops
– A solar energy hybrid system
– Lunch with the co-founder of The Intelligent Optimist, Jurriaan Kamp
– Subscriptions to The Intelligent Optimist as well as New Moon Girls and Sparkle Stories audio
– Organic apparel and handcrafted jewelry
– And too much more to list here!
See all of our products and services here.
But hurry. The auction ends at 6pm PST on Tuesday, May 20th!
Good luck!
Carol, Shannon and the rest of the auction team

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