Meet the world’s first carbon-neutral professional sports team

Professional sports teams are hardly known for their eco-friendliness. They sell hot dogs and other fast foods to fans in single-use packaging, travel long distances to get to matches and require massive amounts of resources in order to operate and maintain stadiums. But there’s one professional soccer team in England that’s showing the sports world how absolutely doable it is to run a pro-sports team in a sustainable way. Introducing to you Forest Green Rovers Football Club, the world’s first UN-certified carbon-neutral sports club. The team plays on the first organic soccer field with no chemical fertilizers in a stadium powered by 100 percent green energy. The club cuts its grass using a solar-powered robot lawnmower, they collect rainwater, the stadium kitchens recycle cooking oil into biofuel, and the stadium is outfitted with electric car charging facilities. On top of that, Forest Green Rovers became the world’s first vegan soccer team in 2015—with many of its players switching entirely to a plant-plant diet. The club even has a catering service that delivers tasty vegan meals to schools around the UK. Naturally, becoming the world’s first vegan team came with some backlash from supporters at first, but now the green lifestyle is being fully embraced by fans, with the club attracting more supporters than ever thanks to their conscious practices.

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