Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

While viral challenges that set off in the online world can range from fun to extremely dangerous, some of them can actually be quite inspiring and wholesome. Take the #trashtag challenge, for example, which is inspiring hundreds of people to go out and clean up litter-soaked places like beaches, forests, and public parks, while calling on others to start doing the same in their communities. The idea for #trashtag has been around since 2015, with one company promoting it as a way to protect threatened wilderness areas. But it only picked up steam this past weekend thanks to social media users who posted before-and-after photos of garbage free places. Some of them even incorporated the trend into their weekend trips, while others started tidying up public spaces in their communities. Considering that littering is a problem which interferes with natural ecosystems and wildlife almost everywhere in the world, #trashtag seems like a fad that’s worth getting behind.

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