In a capitalist society that values money above anything else, where the money goes defines who is in charge and who calls the shots. That’s only a part of the reason why it’s beyond time that the vast gender-pay gap in America comes to a close. Bob Hennelly, a writer for Salon, senses that radical change is in the air that indicates there’s a wave of female empowerment that’s more electric than a hashtag. Women are ascendant, he writes, and they are just not going to be denied any longer. All you have to do is look at the record shattering number of women elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives, a third of them for the first time. Or look to New York City Hall last week where hundreds of mostly female members of the Communications Workers of America Local 1180 rallied to celebrate a settlement they had reached with the City of New York for a generation of gender and race-based pay discrimination. We’re still a long ways away from fixing gender-pay disparity, but if we look at recent evidence in the realms of politics and the workplace, it’s clear to see that women are scoring important economic wins.