While we usually think of food and shelter as being the main challenges homeless people face, Unilever is bringing awareness to the importance of cleanliness for all people with the announcement of a new brand called The Right To Shower, which believes, as its name implies, every human deserves a shower. The ethically sourced line features all-natural cleansers for the whole body in recycled packaging. One hundred percent of the profits in 2019 will go to mobile shower organizations like Lava Mae, which provides portable showers and more to the homeless in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. The liquid and bar cleansers will be named “dignity,” “hope,” “joy,” and “strength” and sold in Whole Foods Markets across America and on Amazon, as well as their website. The Right To Shower products joins a line of new initiatives aimed at improving access to necessities for the homeless. In New York City, for instance, an initiate by the name of Perigives is making menstrual products more accessible for the homeless.