Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2021

Goldsmiths, a major University in London, just made a colossal statement after banning the sale of beef in campus food outlets in order to tackle the climate emergency. Under the new ban, beef products will no longer be available in the institution’s cafes and shops when the academic year begins in September, while an additional 10p levy will be added to the sale of bottled water and disposable plastic cups to discourage their use.

The university is also attempting to phase out single-use plastics and installing more panels to power its buildings in New Cross, as part of a move to become carbon neutral by 2025. From December 1st, Goldsmiths’ endowment fund will also cease to hold investments in companies that generate more than 10% of their revenue from fossil fuel extraction.

Goldsmiths isn’t the only one in the UK attempting to make their university more sustainable. Last year, the University of Sheffield opened a zero waste shop – selling everything from unpackaged spices and herbs to laundry detergent. Meanwhile, at Cardiff University, students and staff are no longer provided with disposable plastic cups at water fountains, while takeaway coffee cups in its cafes are now recyclable and smoothie cups are compostable.

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