All renewable electric grids are critical to halting climate change and we already have the tools to implement them

An all-renewable grid is closer than we think

The most important step to halting climate change is quitting our addiction to fossil fuels, and fortunately, we already have the technology and skills to do so by implementing electric grids powered by 100% renewable energy sources

Known resources for renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass can be effectively used to produce all our energy needs when they are placed strategically and used in conjunction with one another for increased reliability.

Large scale operations, such as solar farms, are more cost-effective than small personal energy production areas, and even at 100 percent renewables, would only occupy 0.42% of land area in the U.S., plus 1.6% of land area for space between wind turbines. Furthermore, the production of renewable energy would create jobs, reduce air pollution, and maintain more stable energy costs.

David Timmons, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts, and his colleagues have researched the feasibility of renewable energy sources extensively through studies on the island nation of Mauritius and advocate passionately that the technology needed to achieve 100 percent renewable energy is already available and attainable for areas such as the U.S, Europe, and Australia. 

Read the full solutions news article below to learn more about renewable energy technology and how the U.S. could achieve carbon neutrality by embracing sustainable electric energy sources.

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