Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

Car share services, such as car2go and ZipCar, have gained popularity in recent years as a cost-effective and easy transportation methods for less “car-centric” individuals, including students and residents of urban areas. Apps like car2go work like an instant rental car service, zoom in on the car closest to you, charge by the minute, and are a fantastic way to get around cities when you are careless and need a ride. Now, developers are saving space and money by investing in car-sharing installations in new developments rather than large parking areas.

Cities, such as Minneapolis, are encouraging property owners to invest in carpooling and car-sharing infrastructure, and car2go is collaborating with builders in cities, such as Austin, to build the living spaces of the future. Additionally, Montreal, New York, and many other areas have designated parking allotted for car-share parking only and offer financial incentives for companies and hotels which encourage the use of car shares. 

Carpool and short term vehicle use is not only an environmentally friendly technique to have fewer cars on the road, but it is also the way of the future for 21st-century urban dwellers who have outgrown conventional car ownership. It is practical and economically smart in many cases to let go of a personal vehicle, along with the car insurance, registration fees, parking fees, and hassle of owning a car, and to rely instead on car-sharing, public transport, or other modes of getting around. This trend has major car manufacturers scrambling, and the Urban Land Institute re-defining parking allotments in new construction. We here at the Optimist Daily are excited to see how it shakes out.   

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