Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

In 2017, researchers in Germany reported a dramatic loss of insects in the country’s nature reserve: 76 percent less biomass over three decades. This is an alarming statistic that, with things left unchanged, could have devastating effects on nature’s ecosystems and our food chains.

Now, spurred by wide public concern about the findings, the federal government announced it will pump €100 million into an “action plan for insect protection”, which includes at least €25 million a year for research and monitoring of insect populations. The government plan will include changes to rules governing nature conservation, water resources, and plant protection, while further restricting the use of fertilizers.

Other measures include stricter regulation of pesticide use, including the complete banning of the controversial crop protector Glyphosate by 2023, and new night-time lighting restrictions, as insects are disorientated by light. It will also support public education efforts in preschools, schools, and a nationwide “insect-friendly garden” campaign.

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