Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2022

The satellite images of the Bahamas before and after Hurricane Dorian show just how devastating the Category 5 hurricane was. The Red Cross estimates that as many as 13,000 homes were destroyed, leaving some 70,000 people in the Bahamas homeless on two northern islands. With the situation devolving into a humanitarian crisis, it’s clear the Bahamas need all the help they can get. Here are a few ways you can help right now—even if you can’t volunteer yourself.

First way: Donate to the Miami-Dade Community Emergency Operations Center (CEOC). This coalition of Florida community groups has teamed for Bahamas relief and is asking for donations for immediate disaster relief, including toiletries, diapers, canned goods, cleaning supplies, tents, water, and power generators. Volunteers are also needed.

Second way: Chef and philanthropist José Andrés and his team are on the ground at four locations across the Bahamas to feed those reeling from the impact of Hurricane Dorian. Donations are accepted online.

Third way: Give to the Bahamas Red Cross. At the moment, it’s looking for donations of non-perishable goods, water, toiletries, baby products, radios, batteries, candles, bedding, generators, building supplies, and, of course, cash.

Fourth way: Donate to the International Medical Corps, which is providing medical care to Bahamians in need.

Fifth way: Help the Team Rubicon Disaster Response’s work. The group is made up of military veterans and first responders who do everything from rebuilding houses to clearing debris and helping organize large groups of volunteers. They were in the Bahamas early to help prepare for the storm.

Sixth way: Support Bahamastrong, a webpage launched by Miami’s local government that is coordinating the collection of goods need in the recovery effort.

Seventh way: Donate to the work of All Hands and Hearts Smart Response. This group specializes in supporting the Bahamas’ long-term needs, helping to rebuild the community and its infrastructure. 

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