Today’s Solutions: January 30, 2023

It’s no doubt that algae are one of our closest allies in the fight against climate change. Because of their ability to conduct photosynthesis, they represent one of nature’s most efficient machines when it comes to sequestering carbon dioxide. Now imagine optimizing that process by adding some state-of-the-art engineering and artificial intelligence to the mix.

That’s exactly what Hypergiant Industries has managed to do. The AI solutions company is currently working on an AI-driven algae bioreactor, roughly the size of a refrigerator, designed to capture as much carbon from the atmosphere as an acre of trees. That’s nearly two tons of CO2 out of the air each year.

The first version of the futuristic device is a closed system that works both indoors and outdoors and makes it possible for the team to study how algae grows—with sensors monitoring everything from light and heat and pH to the speed of growth and oxygen output—and how the system can be tweaked to work best in different conditions outside on rooftops.

Hypergiant is currently building mobile applications that can monitor and run the bioreactor autonomously and is also working on releasing on DIY plans that it will release next year so people can build the bioreactors at home.

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