7 Ways the #MeToo movement has changed our society for the better

The #MeToo movement was launched into the mass media’s consciousness almost two years ago when actress Alyssa Milano publicized the magnitude of the issue, and high profile men, such as Harvey Weinstein, brought the issue to the forefront of the public’s attention.

The movement, created by Tarana Burke ten years ago, has successfully empowered women to share their stories and unearthed cases of sexual misconduct that had been swept under the rug for years, but has society really changed? This week, we bring you 7 ways the #MeToo movement has provoked structural changes to improve the lives of women.

  1. States are banning non-disclosure agreements which include sexual harassment.
  2. States have introduced more comprehensive and diverse worker protections.
  3. The Time’s Up Legal Defense has sought justice for over 3,600 survivors of sexual misconduct.
  4. The movement to end tipped minimum wage has gained momentum.
  5. Congress itself has reformed its system for staffers to report sexual harassment.
  6. Some survivors, such as the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team, are receiving financial restitution.
  7. Americans have changed how they think about power and are more attentive to sexual misconduct. 

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