Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2023

Once numbering in the tens of millions, bison populations in North America dwindled to only 325 by 1884. Fortunately, forward-thinking conservationists managed to protect those remaining animals and bring them back up to the 20,000 we see roaming today. And the best thing is that number is expected to increase even further thanks to an ambitious conservation program led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

After years of planning and multiple partnerships with agencies advocating for the return of America’s largest and most iconic mammal, the animal will have an extra 22,000 acres to explore in Badlands National Park, North Dakota.

Over 2,500 WWF donors and those from partner organizations raised nearly $750,000 to build 43 miles of a new fence that extends bison habitat in the park from 57,640 acres to 80,193 acres. The effort will help bison across the region and help the iconic species continue to come back from near extinction.

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