Today’s Solutions: December 07, 2022

Even if you haven’t heard of Unilever, chances are you still have used some of their products. The British-Dutch conglomerate is massive, with companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Vaseline, and Dove under its belt.

Considering its giant size, it was encouraging to hear that Unilever has vowed to reduce its 700,000 tons of non-recyclable packaging by half by 2025. The company plans to reduce its overall plastic use by 100,000 tons and replace the remainder of the reduction with recycled materials. On top of that, they have vowed to collect and recycle over 600,000 tons of plastic every year

Greenpeace, which has been vocal in criticizing the company, has praised the announcement but emphasized the importance of transparency for holding companies accountable for plastic reduction commitments. While environmental organizations have urged companies to go one step further and adopt plastic-free packaging practices, the announcement is still a significant step for the massive conglomerate.


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