Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2022

Lengthy and costly commutes have long been a scourge for low-income workers. A 2015 study even found a link between longer commutes and smaller chances of upward mobility for low-income families. Seeking to ease this struggle, ride-hailing service Lyft has recently partnered with non-profits to help get people to job interviews, training, and their first three weeks at a new place of employment for free or at a discounted price. 

Among the social program’s main targets are the formerly incarcerated, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and low-income workers or unemployed people living in low-income areas. To find recipients, Lyft has joined efforts with nonprofit organizations like Year Up and Generation, which focus on young adults entering the workforce, and Upwardly Global, which offers job aid to immigrants and refugees.

For those who aren’t already involved with one of these nonprofits but still want to seek free or discounted Lyft rides to job interviews, training, or their first three weeks at work, they can dial 211. By calling the number, eligible people interested in the initiative can request the service.

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