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This smart filter supplies your home with unlimited mineral water

With so many scandals around the quality of tap water in the US these days, many people are turning to bottled water to drink. But this requires single-use plastics that are wreaking havoc on the environment. While much of this will need to be addressed at the government level, there are individuals and startups looking for ways to improve things.

One such startup is Oollee. The company looks to address poor water purification methods and plastic use by providing people with an unlimited supply of clean drinking water for a small monthly fee (less than $1 a day). What Oollee offers is a home filtration system that uses the Reverse Osmosis method, where water is forced across a semipermeable membrane and leaves its contaminants behind, which are then flushed down the drain. After this, the water gathers into a holding tank, where the essential minerals are re-introduced. 

What makes Oollee stand out is that while most home water filtration systems use ordinary filters, which people forget to maintain, Oollee provides maintenance and cartridge replacements each month.

On top of the innovative filtration system, installation and maintenance are included in the subscription, together with a smart app that reminds users to replace their filter element and letting them order it with a single click. Users can also check water conditions, volume, temperature, and other factors. 

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