No state is more prepared for a transition to 100% clean energy than Colorado

At the moment, Colorado only generates a fraction of its electricity using clean energy sources. Despite this, there’s perhaps no state that is better poised for a full-scale transition to clean energy.

For one thing, thanks to its bountiful sunlight and wind, Colorado has enormous potential for renewable energy, most of which are untapped. The state currently generates only 3 percent of its electricity from solar and just under 18 percent from wind.

But more importantly, the political climate is favorable for clean energy. As of earlier this year, Democrats have a “trifecta” in the state, with control over the governorship and both houses of the legislature. Gov. Jared Polis campaigned on a promise to target 100 percent clean electricity by 2040. In their last session, he and the legislature passed a broad suite of bills meant to boost renewable energy, reform utilities, expand EV markets, and decarbonize the state economy.

In other words, the future is bright for clean energy in Colorado, especially since the price of producing it is actually becoming cheaper than using more dirtier sources, such as coal.

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