Today’s Solutions: August 19, 2022

Within the next two years, the US and Europe will require all new electric and hybrid vehicles to emit noise in order for pedestrians to hear them coming. But automakers and regulators are still not settled on what that noise should sound like. In a search for the best one, Ayax — an independent Toyota manufacturer and distributor in Uruguay — is now experimenting with a sound that encourages plants’ growth metabolism, benefiting the surrounding environment.

The project, called Hy (short for “harmony”) revolves around the idea that certain sound frequencies can have a stimulating effect on plants, improving their growth, biomass, and their protective enzymes. The end result is a soothing noise that sounds like a low hum and thrum, with an oscillation that increases in frequency along with the car’s speed.

While more research is needed about the efficacy of such developments, the initiative shows a different perspective for approaching the issue, potentially making electric cars even greater for the environment.

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