Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

If we want people to stop taking flights, then we need to make it easier for the public to choose greener modes of transportation such as trains. Germany seems to be well aware of this. To kickstart 2020, the country’s railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, is slashing its long-distance rail fares.

Folks traveling more than 31 miles can expect to pay 10 percent less for their tickets. On top of that, Deutsche Bahn also reduced the prices on special offers and made it easier for commuters to bring their bicycles aboard. Deutsche Bahn says the price reductions could attract 5 million more passengers each year.

But some German politicians want the largely state-owned rail company to go even further. The head of the Left party has proposed giving every German citizen a free Bahncard 50, a rewards card that entitles passengers to up to 50 percent off tickets and currently costs $284. That would be a danke deal if it happens.

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