Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Bikes and scooters, especially electric ones, are prominent players in the transportation revolution taking place across major cities. But one glaring component of bike and scooter transport is missing: how do we store them securely?

One company, Oonee, is attempting to boost electric bicycle ridership by creating safe storage facilities while riders are at work. The company is installing aesthetically appealing storage pods across major cities where riders can store their bikes safely for the day.

Each pod is a unique shape and surrounded by benches and greenery. They feature 20 vertical racks where riders can use their own bike locks to secure their bikes in the indoor shelter, day or night. Best of all, the indoor storage racks are free and subsidized by advertising income. 

For commuters who are eager to take greener transportation routes to work, but have no place to safely store their bikes, these pods offer the ideal (and wallet-friendly) solution for sustainable transportation. 

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