Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

With or without the disruptions of COVID-19, the dynamics of global corporations mean virtual job interviews are becoming more common than ever. The traditional submit a resume, meet in person for an interview, model is going out the window, but remote interviews are pretty different from an in-person format. So how can you nail a video chat interview? We have some tips for you.

Practice makes perfect for any interview. If you’re unfamiliar with virtual interviewing, it’s more important than ever. Practicing looking into the camera to give the illusion of eye contact. Consider asking a friend to run through some virtual interview practice with you and give you tips about your demeanor and set up. 

Just because an interview is online, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look the part. What we wear affects our personal presentation and attitude, so dress formally as you would for any interview to make a great first impression. When it comes to video setting, make sure to also find a quiet place in your home with good natural lighting and internet connection to limit distractions and interruptions. 

On the day of the interview, have everything you could possibly need on hand. One benefit of the remote setting is the ability to keep all sorts of supplies on hand, but out of the camera’s view so it doesn’t appear cluttered. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and illustrate your ideas as well as your cell phone (on silent) in case you need to switch call formats. Be sure to also turn off all computer notifications and close all other tabs.

Lastly, try to relax. Virtual interviews have some extra leeway for technical hiccups and distractions. Do your best to remain approachable, even over video chat, and take advantage of the comfort of your own home to feel extra prepared and confident. Good luck!

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