Eco-friendly hand sanitizer is plastic-free and moisturizes your skin

Overnight, hand sanitizer has become an essential part of our personal-care routines, but the packaging it typically comes in is exponentially contributing to the global plastic crisis. Looking for a solution, one company decided to disrupt this polluting trend with a new hand sanitizer that protects your health and takes the environment into consideration.

Designed by care products manufacturer By Humankind, which has already made a name for itself with smartly designed reusables, the gel sanitizer contains 65% alcohol in a recyclable aluminum bottle that holds eight ounces — enough to refill the travel-sized bottles you likely already have on hand roughly four times.

And to make the product even better By Humankind also added a moisturizing element to its formula. While most hand sanitizers dry out your hands, especially when used frequently or throughout the day, By Humankind’s formula includes hyaluronic acid (often found in high-end skincare serums and formulas), which helps skin hold water and stay hydrated.

Though the hand sanitizer comes at $20 for eight ounces, the price is on-par with other high-end, skincare-focused formulas. And to make it more affordable, By Humankind offers a 15% discount for subscriptions on two-pack bottles. or you can get a 20% discount on a 4-pack of bottles.

One dollar of each hand sanitizer sold is donated directly to The Robin Hood Relief Fund, which provides emergency support in the New York City area.

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