Today’s Solutions: May 31, 2023

Working from home is great for cutting down on your commute time, but your makeshift work station might not be doing your posture any favors. If you’re experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain from your impromptu couch or kitchen table desk, here are some tips for improving your alignment for a more comfortable workday. 

  1. Make sure your workspace height is right. Laptops especially can have us craning our necks down to see the screen or hunching over to type. If your table is too low, try using a stack of books to raise your computer to eye level. 
  2. What degree are your arms at? Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle with your workspace. Raising your computer up or down is one solution for this or consider investing in an ergonomic split keyboard. 
  3. Take breaks! It’s easy to forget to take your regular breaks when you’re working from home. Set a timer on your phone to take hourly stretch breaks or small walks. Try to move in the opposite way from how you’ve been sitting. For example, if you’re leaning over to type, try some backbends or shoulder rolls. Even small breaks can make a world of difference in getting your blood flowing and rejuvenating your muscles. 
  4. Adjust your chair height. Chances are your kitchen table chairs aren’t quite as comfortable as your office chair. If you can’t adjust your chair height, try using cushions to boost yourself up. Look around your house to make sure you’re using the best chair you have available. 

Many of us spend most of our weekdays at our work stations. Where you sit for eight hours a day can have a profound effect on your posture and comfort. Small adjustments can make a world of difference in boosting your comfort and you’ll be much more productive and focused if you’re not thinking about your backaches.

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