Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

As people have become increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint over the last couple of years, some hotels around the world have decided it’s about high time they jump on the sustainability bandwagon and become more eco-conscious.

That’s definitely the case for one of Kimpton’s latest properties, which is leading the way for travellers who want to enjoy gorgeous locations while doing their part to protect the environment.

Although the aesthetics and the amenities of the beautiful hotel located on the beautiful Grand Cayman are sure to delight guests during their stay, it is really the hotel’s sustainable profile that makes the property stand out.

In addition to using a 100,000-watt solar array to generate electricity, the hotel was built with several eco-friendly materials meant to reduce its impact. For example, all of the hotel’s walking and biking trails are made entirely out of recycled glass, which, according to the hotel, has diverted millions of glass bottles from local landfills.

Additionally, the ample green spaces were planted with 32,000 individual plants, all native to the island, and sourced from a local nursery. The gardens are irrigated through the hotel’s integral rainwater harvesting system.

As part of its dedication to local wildlife, the hotel also boasts turtle-friendly lighting to prevent disrupting sea turtles’ journeys from land to sea during nesting season.

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