Rain storms bring life back to New South Wales after years of drought

Many regions of New South Wales have recorded more than 300mm of rain so far this year, surpassing rainfall totals of 2018 and 2019. After a year of devastating wildfires across Australia, the rain is bringing beautiful blooms and hopeful new growth to the area.

Farmers in the region are breathing a sigh of relief as they stock up for the winter planting season. After dust storms and intense drought, they are finally seeing a turn in their luck. 

On the Little Llangothlin nature reserve in Guyra, wildlife is returning to the wetlands, which had been bone dry during the drought. Birds can be seen nesting and sounds of animals rustling have returned. 

Today is world unity water day and, although climate change challenges mean that Australia is far from done with droughts, this temporary relief for animals and farmers demonstrates the powerful and critical nature of water in our ecosystems. 

Check out the full article below to see a photo series of some of the scenes we have described. 

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