Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024

Think about a leader you admire. Maybe it’s a teacher, a manager, or your local political representative. Why do you like them? Why do they inspire confidence? As part of our new thought leader series, The Optimist Daily founding impact investor, Rinaldo Brutoco, launches into what makes a successful leader and why we need them now more than ever. 

Perhaps you have seen the popular Ted Talk by Simon Sinek where he explains that the best leaders do not demand trust but inspire it. Although we inherently feel when we trust someone, it can be difficult to pinpoint WHY we trust them. 

Leaders set the tone for an entire organization. They have the power to pull us together or leave us feeling disconnected and lost. Across the board, from World War II General, George C. Marshall, to your own boss, successful leaders have one thing in common: they make us feel safe. If a leader makes the choice to look after the people around them, they will have the allegiance of those they defend. As Marshall says, “Men can do a great deal with very little if they have high morale and determination.”

We encourage you to check out the link below to read the full piece and, if you’re serving as a leader in these trying times, reflect on how you can use reassurance to make people feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. 

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