Thought Leader Series: The Divine Feminine

The sheer number of female candidates who participated in the presidential race this election cycle demonstrates the desperate need for not only women in our political systems, but femininity in general. In this week’s Thought Leader Series, Deepak Chopra shares why what he calls the “divine feminine” needs to make it back onto the world stage. 

These qualities of divine femininity, peace, inspiration, mothering, beauty, and so many more, stand in sharp contrast to toxic and unbalanced masculinity which has overrun our political systems. The arms race, world wars, and civil conflicts are all manifestations of a lack of divine feminine in a world that desperately needs emergency medicine. 

Boys are trained to strive for power and domination from a young age when in reality, humans lead most effectively with a combination of concentrated themes which pioneering psychiatrist Carl Jung called archetypes. This includes the balance of feminine and masculine energy. 

We must strive to find value in both archetypes to find cohesion and peace. As Chopra writes, “We all live right now in separation, not primarily because of political divisions but because we are divided in ourselves. The divided self tries to live as if one half of itself, the masculine, stands for the whole. It doesn’t and never will.”

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