Adidas creates incredible robot that weaves zero-waste running shoes

Footwear is taking a giant step into the future thanks to an incredible custom-built robot from Adidas.

Inspired by string art (the weaving of thread between nails to create a pleasing pattern), the robot can weave individual threads of raw yarn diagonally across the midsole of a shoe. This not only makes the upper part of the shoe stronger and lighter than ever before, but it also helps reduce the amount of material needed to produce the shoe. In fact, Adidas claims there’s almost no waste involved in the making of the shoe. Plus, it just makes the shoes look extremely cool.

The strings of the thread that make up the shoe, which is being called the Futurecraft.Strung, are color-coded: the yellow threads are used in the forefront for added flexibility, while the red threads are stronger and stiffer to lock your heel in to prevent slipping.

In order to pinpoint exactly where each string of thread must go, the Adidas Futurecraft team used motion capture technology to record a pair of runners, who also provided feedback during the development process. This means Adidas can create different versions of the new shoe to meet the needs of different athletes.

Currently the Futurecraft. Strung is just a proof-of-concept shoe, but Adidas hopes to make them available at some point in late 2021 or early 2022.

Image source: Adidas

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