Today’s Solutions: July 01, 2022

Parenting always comes with unique challenges, but one experience that is well-known to all parents of LEGO-loving children is the pain of stepping on one of those surprisingly sharp colorful blocks. Fortunately, treacherous LEGOs, and scattered playroom mess in general, could soon be a thing of the past with LEGO and IKEA’s new collaborative BYGGLEK collection. 

“BYGGLEK” means “to build and play” in Swedish, and that’s exactly what the product is intended for. It is a line of storage boxes that also serve as play structures. The boxes come in many sizes and the interiors are fitted with LEGO-compatible studs, so creations can be easily moved and packed away without disrupting a day’s work of structure building. 

LEGO and IKEA worked with child psychologists to identify the key differences in the environment where parents see mess and children see a work-in-progress. The goal of the boxes is to foster continued creativity and imagination without sacrificing the organization and usable space in the home. 

The set is designed to be put together by children as young as five, so kids can learn to clean up their designs independently. The entire set features three smaller boxes, two larger boxes, and one 201-piece set of LEGO bricks.

If you’re sick of LEGOs littering your living room, this solution is the perfect way to put the play on pause and reach a compromise between parents and children.

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