Sustainable fashion: This waterproof outerwear is made from fishing nets

As public consciousness around the ecological footprint of the fashion industry grows, it has been good to see an increasing number of brands shifting their practices towards sustainability. Italian high-end clothing manufacturer Marta Scarampi has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable fashion, and its most recent line proves determination to take it one step further.

The brand is commonly known for its on-demand clothing lines, which avoid excess waste and unnecessary inventory, as well as using every scrap from the cutting room floor to make fashion accessories, such as hair scrunchies, headbands, and masks.

Its latest product line, called The Greta Collection, breathes new life into waste such as fishing nets and other discarded items that have reached the end of their lives by creating sustainable, high-quality outerwear.

Following up on its habits to avoid waste during the manufacturing process, the new collection also reduces waste that’s already in the environment by relying on ECONYL — a fiber made in Italy that’s made from used carpets, old fishing nets, and other fabric scraps. On top of the recycling involved at the origin, the materials are also specifically designed to allow for endless recycling at the end of the garment’s lifecycles.

The Greta Collection includes six pieces that can be worn for work or play, offering interchangeable options that include a parka, cape, jacket, detachable hood, and, of course, the latest universal necessity in the world of accessories, a face mask. All of the products feature the same sustainable material that’s waterproof, machine-washable, and durable.

“With most of us working from home now, we shifted the focus to casual wear to match this modern lifestyle,” said Marta Scarampi, one of the two sisters behind the brand. “We imagine you wanting to be comfortable when you’re out on the weekends, running errands, riding your bike, and really just enjoying the present, and being you.”

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