Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

A heavy weekday snowstorm may be a nightmare for adults who must commute through town, but if you’re a kid, it’s the best thing ever.

Heavy snow usually means school is canceled for the day, which means it’s time to play in the white fluff and get cozy with books and movies. Or at least, that’s what a snowy day used to be.

Over the years, many colder US states have pushed to switch traditional snow days for remote learning days. And now that the pandemic has proven online working to be possible, a number of school districts have chosen to cancel snow days in favor of work-at-home days. 

While this isn’t necessarily an illogical decision, a school district in New Jersey disagrees and says it won’t be doing away with snow days. The district, which has approximately 3,000 students in Bergen County, is promising to keep this pre-Covid tradition alive so kids can just be kids.

“Snow days are chances for on-site learners and virtual learners to just be kids by playing in the snow, baking cookies, reading books, and watching a good movie,” the district announced in a statement.

At the Optimist Daily, we certainly recognize why lawmakers and schools alike want to maximize the amount of time kids spend in school. That said, play is one of the best forms of education for a kid, giving them a chance to explore their imagination and get vital exercise. Take snow days away, and you take some of the best days to play with it.

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