Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2021

If you’re feeling hopeless about whether the US will manage to reverse its environmental footprint in time to prevent catastrophic climate change, a new optimistic report from Princeton University is here to reassure you.

Coming from researchers at Princeton University, the recently published report puts forward a roadmap for how the US can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, while also benefitting the economy.

As part of its climate roadmap, the 345-pages-long report puts forward a number of important pathways to successfully achieve a carbon-free economy. Among these is an investment in solar and wind manufacturing, which can also give rise to a boom in domestic employment opportunities.

The report also highlights other primary pathways for a successful net-zero plan, including improving end-use energy productivity. This means more efficient lighting and heating in businesses and homes; transitioning to electric vehicles, appliances, and building systems.

The authors also emphasize the benefits of transitioning towards a low-carbon economy, citing net increases in energy-sector employment and a net decrease in air pollution.

Now that it’s clearer than ever what needs to be done, the onus lies on government officials and industries to make swift moves and invest their efforts where it matters.

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