US Women’s National Soccer Team reaches equal workers’ rights agreement

Last week we shared how FIFA is expanding maternity rights for female players. This week, the US Women’s National Soccer Team continues to gain employment rights after reaching an agreement with the US Soccer Federation. 

Women’s national soccer players were seeking the same players’ rights as the men’s team including equal staffing, travel support, hotel accommodations, and the right to play on grass rather than artificial turf. The settlement also means the team can proceed with their appeal for equal pay that was initially denied in May. 

Molly Levinson, a spokesperson for the players told The Guardian, “We remain as committed as ever to our work to achieve the equal pay that we legally deserve. Our focus is on the future and ensuring we leave the game a better place for the next generation of women who will play for this team and this country.”

US Soccer president Cindy Parlow Cone hopes that the new agreement will not only improve playing conditions for domestic players but also push FIFA to invest equally in the men’s and women’s game internationally. 

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