Turn your regular bike into an e-bike with this clever attachment

Unless you live in a flat country like the Netherlands, chances are you have to navigate up a few hills during your daily commute. That idea alone might be enough to deter many folks from opting to ride a bike on their way to work.

For that reason, product designer Somnath Ray decided to create a simple attachment that temporarily converts any bicycle into an electric bike. As reported by Fast Company, the new product, Clip, attaches to the front wheel in seconds using two arms that lock around the bike’s fork, with the other end connecting with the front of the wheel. Then, by pressing on a tiny controller attached to the handlebars, the rider can boost the speed of their bikes as they pedal uphill.

The maximum speed is 15 miles per hour, and the whole attachment weighs just seven pounds—small enough to fit inside a backpack.

“We wanted to have a solution where people could attach it to the bike really easily, and then basically detach it when they arrive to work,” said Ray.

Clip serves as a great alternative for people who would like to benefit from an electric bike, but don’t necessarily want to fork out the cash. A fully electric bike is typically expensive, costing well over $1,000, while Clip is about to be on the market for $399.

Ray also says the company is talking with bike-share companies that may lease the device to subscribers in order to avoid the expense and logical difficulties that come with adding electric bikes to their fleets.

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