E-bikes will soon be available on a subscription basis in New York City

While e-bikes hold great potential to replace cars as a healthy way of commuting, they still come at a hefty price. In a bid to make this type of future transport more accessible, electric moped sharing company Revel has recently launched a monthly e-bike subscription service for New Yorkers.

According to Revel’s CEO, Frank Reig, the new e-bike venture is in line with the company’s mission, which, “from day one, has been to electrify cities.” The e-bike subscription service also comes at a time when an increasing number of people have taken up cycling, a positive trend set off in part by the pandemic.

“[We’re] listening to our users, understanding the type of vehicles they’re going to want in 2021 to complement our e-moped business, and this is us just getting to what we all expect to be another incredible year for cycling in major cities like New York.”

Users can subscribe to the e-bike service, called Coast by Revel, for $99 a month. In addition to the e-bike, the subscription also includes maintenance for flat tires, loose chains, worn brakes, and other types of repairs.

With conventional e-bikes ranging from $1,500 to nearly $4,000, the e-bike service provides a convenient alternative. “We think the subscription model would be really great for people who want all of the benefits and convenience of personal bike ownership but without the hassle of maintenance and repair,” says Revel head of micro-mobility Anne Emig.

The service will soon be available in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, whose residents can already start signing up on the Revel app or website for the wait-list.

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