Today’s Solutions: October 05, 2022

As you may have heard, a winter vortex has brought uncharacteristic bone-chilling temperatures to the state of Texas over the past few days. And while humans are certainly feeling the chill, countless sea turtles are facing a frigid death as a result of the drop in temperature. That’s because sea turtles are cold-blooded and unable to regulate their internal temperature, leaving them virtually paralyzed by frozen temperatures and at risk of drowning.

In order to save thousands of sea turtles from fatal cold, a team of volunteers has been scouring the shoreline and filling their vehicles with turtles. The turtles are then being brought to the South Padre Island Convention Centre and Visitors Bureau, which is serving as a warm, temporary shell-ter (please excuse the pun) for thousands of rescued turtles.

The volunteers are part of an organization called Sea Turtle, Inc., and they have rescued some 3,500 turtles thus far. When temperatures rise again, the plan is to return each and every one of these turtles back to their rightful homes.

Although the rescue mission isn’t quite finished, it could wind up saving thousands of sea turtles and many new generations to come. Bravo!

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