Sleek air purifier uses a natural filtration system to improve air quality

As a lot of people have been spending much time indoors since the start of the pandemic, many have also begun to pay more attention to the air quality in their homes. And while air purifiers are a good way to improve the air quality indoors, most of them use disposable filters that eventually end up in landfills because they are nearly impossible to recycle.

A while back we shared with you a story about Briiv, a sustainable air purifier made from biodegradable materials. Now we bring you Respira, a hydroponic smart garden that helps improve the air quality of indoor spaces in a sustainable and elegant way.

Resembling what could be a futuristic flower pot, Respira is a self-sustaining garden that can be mounted on the wall or set up in a planter to complement multiple styles. The garden essentially takes care of itself via a patented biofiltration process that benefits from an inbuilt self-watering, self-feeding, and self-lighting system.

The device is completely user friendly. It features an automated controller accessible through a mobile app, which manages and monitors things like water and air temperatures, water level, and relative humidity.

As for the plants, buyers can choose from three different kits: a “tropical” assortment with lush rainforest plants, a “vibrant” assortment with bright and colorful plants, and a “pothos” assortment featuring a variety of downward growing plants.

Respira uses a reusable pre-filter that removes larger particles from the air before they reach the plant’s roots which, in their turn, purifies the air through their natural filtration mechanisms.

And since the system relies on hydroponics, it requires no soil and never needs to be replaced. Instead, plants are fed by nutrients and hydrated with a circular stream of water while the exposed roots filter harmful toxins out of the air. Users only have to refill the water basin every 10 days, add nutrients every six months and wash the pre-filter every two months.

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