Today’s Solutions: March 25, 2023

While they’re a cheap and convenient way to carry out your shaving routine, most disposable razors only last for a couple of shaves before they become blunt and are tossed away. Plus, since they’re mainly made of plastic, they’re destined to become just another contributor to our growing problem of plastic waste.

In a bid to redesign disposable razors, Japanese knife manufacturer Kai has introduced the world’s first paper razor. Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, the disposable razor uses paper throughout its body and metal for the blade — reducing plastic by 98 percent compared to conventional razors.

The paper razor mirrors the water-resistant properties of milk cartons and durable paper spoons and can be used even if it’s wet or under hot water (about 40ºC). With a compact shape and size, the razor is ideal for traveling and easy to use. Its body has an origami-like design that can be easily assembled.

“Rather than simply replacing plastic with paper, we designed it with a handle that is as easy to hold and sharp as a plastic razor,” said Kai.

Image source: Designboom

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