Today’s Solutions: September 29, 2022

California became the first state to ban cosmetic animal testing in 2018, followed by Nevada and Illinois in 2019. Now, Virginia will follow suit thanks to the efforts of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and other dedicated animal rights advocates.

Starting on the first of January 2022, animal testing and the sale of cosmetics tested on animals will be considered illegal in Virginia. For Virginians who are committed to ensuring that their purchases do not support  animal suffering as a sacrifice for human aesthetic preferences, shopping will become much easier. They will no longer have to scour tiny ingredient labels to see whether the mascara they want aligns with their values, but can rest assured that no animal was unnecessarily hurt in the name of beauty.

The cruelty-free movement seems to be catching on in other states as well. Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island are also consider banning cosmetic animal testing.

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