Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

Many people took advantage of the unprecedented amount of time at home during the pandemic to finally fulfill their dreams of adopting or fostering a pet.

Now that spring has sprung, a lot of new pet owners will be out in their yards, prepping their gardens for a bountiful season. Those who are new to owning pets (or gardening for that matter) may learn the hard way that pets and gardens don’t always mix well. Dogs are notorious for digging, while cats tend to disturb garden beds on their quest to relieve themselves discreetly. If you are a pet and plant parent, then here are two pet-proofing tips so that both can happily thrive.

Get some chicken wire. Chicken wire is a cost-effective way to keep cats, dogs, and other critters out of your garden beds. That said, be sure to choose pet-friendly fertilizer and non-poisonous plants, just in case your furry companion manages to weasel their way in.

Add some decoys. Keeping your animals from destroying your hard-earned landscaping work requires constant supervision, but pets also respond well to consistency and training. It would be beneficial for both you and your plants to designate a pet corner in your yard where your pet can dig and play guilt-free. Giving them their own space close to the garden but not in the garden will save you a lot of trouble. Throw in some favorite toys or snacks in that corner to make that space way more interesting to them than your petunias.

We love our pets and we love our gardens. Thankfully, the two can peacefully coexist with these simple backyard strategies!

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