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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Last week, we discussed Vortex Bladeless, a bladeless wind turbine with the potential to become the wind equivalent of rooftop solar panels. As it turns out, Vortex Bladeless is not the only invention out there seeking to rethink the design of traditional wind turbines.

Enter Powerpod, a portable wind turbine that’s more affordable than solar panels and able to generate greater amounts of electricity in places with less than 300 sunny days per year.

According to Halcium, the startup behind the novel technology, the 1kW wind turbine can generate three times more power than an equivalent regular wind turbine. The secret lies in the device’s unconventional design which features an advanced circular blade system that enhances wind speed by 40 percent.

As founder Nick Hodges explains, the device’s design aims to fit seamlessly into urban spaces where regular wind turbines cannot be installed. Resembling a dustbin in both its size and form, the device could be placed on any stable surface in order to generate electricity. This means that it could virtually become as ubiquitous as the public trashcans in cities.

To allow for as much efficiency as possible, the Powerpod captures air before funneling it at higher speeds towards the circular blade inside the pod. Since the device’s smart design enhances the wind’s speed, it isn’t necessary to install the pod’s circular blade on tall poles. Even better, the round shape of the turbine allows it to capture wind from multiple directions at once, making it more efficient than traditional wind turbines.

While the Powerpod is still in its early stages of development, Halcium is currently looking for investors to help scale the renewable technology. “I’d like to produce as many as can be sold. Every unit reduces dependence on dirty energy, which is my overall hope,” says Hodges.

Image source: Halcium

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